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Are you looking to get coached to fulfill your physical goals? Book a discovery call to know about our Online Coaching.

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Spotlighting our relationships: Recurv’s Matthias

“When I started with the Seiza trajectory I had severe back pain. I had 1 goal: to become fit and healthy again.

Thanks to Tom and Nick of Seiza and their ever structured coaching, I recovered quickly and developed better shape and physical strength than ever before. 

The workouts and nutrition advice I received were 100% tailored to my goals. 

What I really appreciated was the smooth contact and the short communication lines that were always available so that even at moments of less motivation I could immediately get feedback or advice.

Thanks Nick and Tom.”

Progress is a process
If you’re a bit late on the New Year’s resolution, send us a dm.

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When we asked for feedback Julie didn’t hold back. She gave us one of the most detailed feedbacks we’ve ever received!

Her results in her words can be found in the video!

Thanks Julie!

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Arne let all of our coaching talks marinate and decided to take control of his life. With the outlook of running a marathon with a plan in place, upgrading his position at work and a clear goal where he wants to be in life!

The full testimonial:

“I’ve learnt that it’s important not to spent too much time on the story we create around things, but talk about what matters. I could spent hours talking about how I overcame my herniated back, explaining that I’m fitter than ever before but that’s not the essence of the Seiza Super Human Performance Program.

Nick and Tom aren’t he kind of coaches that tell you what you need to hear to feel comfortable.

Instead they listen to your goals and create awareness, while giving you tools to get there. They change your perspective and manage to break patterns that keep you where you are and withhold you from reaching your goals.

In short:
“Cut the crap and stop kicking the can down the road.”

Arne De Crom, 2022

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“This gave me clarity for the opportunities I could create for myself.”

@mrsleen talked about her goal. A financial one, a career one and at the beginning of 2023 she has that goal on a clear cut radar. 

Months after following our program, @goossenick had a great follow up with @mrsleen 

It’s clear that our weekly calls take time to marinate. To trickle down deeply into our mental systems where it genuinely makes a difference how we look at the world. 

It’s even cooler that we could link our clients into a Win - Win situation in our own community of people who take control of their life.

In her words:
“If you don’t get to it, nothing will happen. Seiza has taught me to regulate my thoughts. To see possibilities that I can create myself as long as I put my time and energy into it. 

Seiza has taught me that I can deal with anything as long as I realize “what’s going on in my head. To “bracket”, set aside and focus on the goal. 

Nick & Tom helped me to be more productive, to use my time better. This gave me clarity into the opportunities I could create for myself.”

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