Meet our founders:

Tom Verrept & Nick Goossen

Tom Verrept

Tom graduated as a physical therapist in sports and manual therapy. He followed various refresher courses to further increase his insight and knowledge of the human body. Exercise therapy, movement and training are always the main parameters in his treatments.

”Give people the tools to help themselves”.

Coach Tom also relies on practical experience. He grew up around sports. Because of his high level basketball play he received professional fitness guidance from the age of 16. His first professional experience came from running the EA gym for several months as a substitute. Besides the fitness community he completed years of internships at several top physiotherapist practices. He’s experienced in guiding top athletes and non-athletes daily during his physio and personal training sessions. He’s also co-founder of Jungle Gym Antwerp where he trains, motivates and guides people to a healthier and fitter life every week.

Furthermore, Tom lives by the motto: “Invest in yourself. Improve yourself and thereby improve your life!”. So he followed the Quantum Performance Coaching program and is currently active as a trainee at Straight Line Coaching. Generating insight into yourself, breaking barriers and creating growth opportunities is the goal.

Tom combines his knowledge of the physical aspect of the human body with the motivational, emotional, psychological and social aspects of human beings. With his holistic “no-BS” approach, Tom brings out the best in each individual.


  • Straight Line Coaching (2022 – …)
  • Quantum Performance Coaching (2021-2022)
  • Cupping Therapy: Centre Of Excellence (2020)
  • Master in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physical Therapy: Musculoskeletal Disorders with Distinction at the University of Antwerp (2018)
  • Bachelor in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physical Therapy with Distinction at the University of Antwerp (2016)
  • Barefoot Training Specialist – Level 1 & 2 (2017)
  • State of the Art and Science for Shoulder Pain – Keynote Lecture Prof. Dr. L. Michener (2017)
  • Functional Range Conditioning Level 1 – Certified FRC Mobility Specialist (2015)


Maandenlang volgde ik kiné bij Tom en werd mijn rug beter en beter. Belangrijker nog is het vertrouwen dat ik kreeg door de focus op vorm, tempo, etc. te leggen. Ik kreeg terug zin om te trainen en startte met Online Coaching bij Seiza. – Jonas Dierick

Nick Goossen

Nick started his coaching career when he was 21 years old. He started at Elite Athletes as a strength and conditioning coach. The focus primarily was on guiding professional athletes to an injury free career but later on that focus expanded to regular people on their quest to overall fitness. International basketball camps, international workshops, off-season development for professional athletes, hypertrophy camps for individuals, year round programming for entrepreneurs, relaxation workshops and much more.

“The passion for strength training and mobility developed as a necessity. Throughout my basketball playing career I racked up injuries between ages 14 and 21. This rampage witheld me from ever having a decent shot at becoming a professional athlete (and even certain educational careers). This past has pushed me to share the things I did wrong so other people can fulfill their aspirations.”

Nick sold his shares in 2018 and decided to travel and work in a plethora of different jobs to gather as much perspective on life as possible. Discovering new impulses, cultures, languages, values and norms maintain valuable information on how to live life.

The disability, fear and anguish that people have to discover new paths have inspired him to co create the Super Human program. More recently he has begun as a career coaching trainee to sharpen his skills as a mentor to all kinds of people. Aside to the career coaching he’s enrolled into Strength & Conditioning Programming courses to become one of the best Strength Coaches.


  • Martin Rooney – Training For Warriors Certificate – 2014
  • Bram Swinnen – Strength Training for Sports – 2014
  • Tristan Kobayashi – Gymnastic Strength & Mobility – 2015
  • Yuri Marmerstein – Handstand & Bodyweight Strength – 2015
  • J.Frucek & L.Kadnar – Fighting Monkey – 2015
  • Dr. A. Spina & D.Nielsen – Functional Range Conditioning – 2015
  • Y.Avalon – Handbalancing – 2015
  • S.Maxwell – Mobility & Conditioning – 2016
  • D.John – Easy Strength – 2016
  • M.Truscott – Adult Programming – 2016
  • K.Carr – Movement as Medicine – 2016
  • J.Price- Corrective Exercises – 2016
  • J.Frucek & L.Kadnal – Earthquake Architecture – 2017
  • C.Poliquin – Relative Strength Programming – 2017
  • Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1 – 2018
  • Barefoot Training Specialist Level 2 – 2018
  • Career Counselor – SYSTO – 2022 – …
  • Pro Coach Cert. – Strength Sensei – Poliquin Group – 2022 – …
  • Straight Line Coachhing – 2022