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Performance Coaching

Our performance coaching program is designed for the elite few who are committed to taking their health and performance to the elusive, next level. Our coaches have a proven track record of working with the highly-motivated, entrepreneurs, and high-performing professionals to unlock their full potential. With our one-on-two coaching system, you’ll receive customized strategies that reduce fat, make you stronger and mobile, give you more energy and make you an elite performer.

Online Coaching

Our online coaching program is the perfect solution for those who value their time and require flexibility. We cater to the demands of high-achieving individuals who have an interest in optimizing their performance. Our online coaching program is personal from afar, with each need being taken care for by an expert in its field. Our global coaches are available at any time to support and guide you to success.

At Seiza Training mediocrity is not an option. That is why we provide coaching that is tailored to fit your hectic schedule. Our performance coaching and online coaching services are designed to maximize potential and achieve unparalleled results without stealing your precious time.

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Become great at the basics first
Create a foundation
Then push yourself hard 
Be consistent

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Gym or No Gym ?
No problem

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A change of scenery proved out to be the shock the body needed for @deridderbert 

Very thankful to have helped with his body transformation🫡

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Bert stayed true to a plan for 12 consecutive weeks without any single drop-off and it showed.

From old-school bodybuilding and machines
To structured strength training and becoming a machine

Bert is gunning out 8 chin-ups now and never did it before.
He bench pressed 110kg without previously focusing on the compound exercise. 

As you’ll hear from him later there was some resistance in the beginning into buying into the Seiza process, but he showed confidence into the program and the results showed. 

If something sounds familiar, shoot a quick DM and we’ll have a chat. 

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