We create awareness around a sedentary job and the static working posture. We outline the origin of the most frequent complaints and offer an answer to the problem. We provide efficient and accessible exercises using visual material and practical examples.

Due to current COVID measures, we also offer this session via Zoom or other conference call applications.


WORKSHOP: Movement Integration

You invite Seiza Training to your workplace. We create an analysis of the work environment. We focus on ergonomics, possibilities for movement and variation during the working hours. After our analysis we sit down together for a consultation.

To this we link a workshop, which can take place on the same day, where we present, teach and implement the practicalities of our analysis. Expect a dynamic workshop with lots of interaction where they discover the positive effects of movement on the body and the mind.



This program consists of a movement plan that will be drawn up in detail for your company. Practically, we provide short and effective movement videos that we digitally deliver to your employees. These videos appear as pop-ups during the day, reminding them to move, stretch and break their passive sitting pattern. These pop-ups are offered on a daily basis for the duration of the collaboration in order to promote movement as part of the company culture.


Seiza Coaching Course

This course can be made available to your employees on the soft skill platform of your company. The coaching course consists of interactive video, dynamic presentations and in-depth literature. It focuses on correct movement, combating and preventing complaints and fine-tuning the human body towards mobility, flexibility, coordination and control. Other pillars are sleep and nutrition basics. The course is built on scientific knowledge that is both evidence and practice based.


Companies we have worked with

These are some of the awesome companies we have previously worked with.