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Our performance coaching program is designed for the elite few who are committed to taking their skills and achievements to the next level. Our coaches have a proven track record of working with the highly-motivated, entrepreneurs, and high-performing professionals to unlock their full potential. With our one-on-two coaching system, you’ll receive customized strategies that are tailored to your unique strengths and weaknesses, helping you achieve your goals with precision and efficiency. Watch the editorial below:

Behavorial Patterns

Improving performance in any area of life, from sports to business, it’s important to recognize that success often requires changing behavioral patterns. We’re committed to helping you identify and modify behaviors that are holding you back, while also providing the tools and strategies needed to cultivate new habits and achieve your goals. Empowerement to unlock your full potential and achieve success in every area of your life.

Optimize Health

A key component of achieving peak performance, whether you’re an athlete or a business leader. We’re dedicated to unlock it! Both physically and mentally, so that you can perform at your best in every facet. Seiza provides personalized nutrition and fitness advice, as well as strategies for managing stress and improving mental clarity. Expect to achieve greater success and unlock your full potential.


Learn how to set goals and remove the clutter from your perspective on the world. Become educated how to chip big goals into smaller, realistic ones and learn to achieve your dreams. 

Holistic Movement

Receive a personalized training program that takes into account past injury, lifestyle, stress levels, personal goals, etc. By communicating every day and/or every week we finetune the program to maximize results. Wether your goals is to run a marathon, climb the Mt. Ventoux, become flexible or attain a aesthetic physique, we got you covered.

Super Human

You will not become Superman or Superwoman. But you will achieve your true potential and create a path to more clarity to achieve your personal and career goals. All the above will be achieved by weekly coaching calls and assignments. You will be in direct contact with Coaches Nick & Tom and will receive professional guidance by a orthomolecular nutritionist. If you’re interested in running, cycling and/or swimming you’ll be in direct contact with a team led by a national triathlete champion.

*All programs differ from others because it’s based upon the needs of the client.

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Superhuman 2021

I struggled with neck pain for years, which aggravated while working from home during the pandemic because of lack of activity. I knew the only way to combat this was by making drastic changes.

For me, that was starting training with Seiza and following the Super Human Health program. The program focuses on all aspects of living a healthy life and is tailored towards your goals as defined together with your coaches. Following the program, I learned about many aspects, such as nutrition, sleep, strength training tailored towards posture correction and injury prevention.

At the end of the program, my results amazed me. Not only did my neck pain disappear and did I have much more energy, I could also crush my secondary goal of losing 20 kilos.

Kwinten Stoop

Super Human, 2021-2022

As a 25 year old, I had been struggling with my back for a while, and this had been going on for more than a year. After trying different things without success, I ended up at Seiza Training.

The whole package of training, nutrition, sleep, follow-up and general motivation I found very appealing and it also proved effective.

The classic fitness and exercises I had already experienced. Seiza Training brings something totally new and refreshing to the body. Their way of training quickly paid off. In my situation, the emphasis was mainly on hip mobility, legs (both strength and flexibility), numerous stretching, core, etc.

Sometimes I had to work through it and get used to the way of training, but the results are worth it! My back is noticeably less bothered and I also feel stronger and fitter!

“Consistency is key”
– Wise words from the Seiza gentlemen

Matthias Van Den Bempt

Super Human, 2021-2022

When I started with the Super Human journey I had severe back pain. I had one goal: to become fit and healthy again.

Thanks to Tom and Nick of Seiza Training and their structured coaching, I recovered quickly and developed better shape and physical strength than ever before.

The workouts and nutrition advice I received were 100% tailored to my goals.

What I really appreciated was the smooth contact and short bursts of communication that were always available to get immediate feedback or advice, even at times of lesser motivation.

Thx Nick and Tom.

Anneleen Plettinx

Still a client to this day - 2022

I started working with Seiza because I was in need of business coaching. I was always making excuses why I was not moving on, ‘kicking the can’ as Tom would call it. After a confrontational introduction meeting I realized I had to change course but had no idea how to start.

During the conversations, each time a specific topic comes up, Tom and Nick have the talent to ask questions in a different way so that you get a different perspective on money, what you want to achieve in your business and much more. I am incredibly happy that I chose with Seiza, in a short 4 months I have already made huge steps and the future looks very bright!

When we asked for feedback Julie didn’t hold back. She gave us one of the most detailed feedbacks we’ve ever received!

Her results in her words can be found in the video!

Thanks Julie!

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Arne let all of our coaching talks marinate and decided to take control of his life. With the outlook of running a marathon with a plan in place, upgrading his position at work and a clear goal where he wants to be in life!

The full testimonial:

“I’ve learnt that it’s important not to spent too much time on the story we create around things, but talk about what matters. I could spent hours talking about how I overcame my herniated back, explaining that I’m fitter than ever before but that’s not the essence of the Seiza Super Human Performance Program.

Nick and Tom aren’t he kind of coaches that tell you what you need to hear to feel comfortable.

Instead they listen to your goals and create awareness, while giving you tools to get there. They change your perspective and manage to break patterns that keep you where you are and withhold you from reaching your goals.

In short:
“Cut the crap and stop kicking the can down the road.”

Arne De Crom, 2022

If you’re interested to go the next level, dm us.

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“This gave me clarity for the opportunities I could create for myself.”

@mrsleen talked about her goal. A financial one, a career one and at the beginning of 2023 she has that goal on a clear cut radar. 

Months after following our program, @goossenick had a great follow up with @mrsleen 

It’s clear that our weekly calls take time to marinate. To trickle down deeply into our mental systems where it genuinely makes a difference how we look at the world. 

It’s even cooler that we could link our clients into a Win - Win situation in our own community of people who take control of their life.

In her words:
“If you don’t get to it, nothing will happen. Seiza has taught me to regulate my thoughts. To see possibilities that I can create myself as long as I put my time and energy into it. 

Seiza has taught me that I can deal with anything as long as I realize “what’s going on in my head. To “bracket”, set aside and focus on the goal. 

Nick & Tom helped me to be more productive, to use my time better. This gave me clarity into the opportunities I could create for myself.”

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Matthias had one of the craziest trajectories of all our clients! Just after two weeks he decided to make a drastic decision and a lot of puzzle pieces started to fall into the right place.

Hats off to him for investing in himself, getting in touch with his gut feeling and doing what HE wants to do!

Adding to it, he recently finished his first Ultra Marathon… in the SNOW ⛄️ … which is insane!

In his words:

“When I wanted to get into the Seiza program, my first thought was to have a new training program created. I’ve had hip problems my entire life and wanted to achieve big goals with my favorite activity, running.

After a good conversation with Nick and Tom, I decided to get into their Super Human Performance Program. It quickly became clear to me that this was going to be something much more than a strength program. I needed to review and address other areas of my life. With Tom and Nick’s coaching and no-nonsense guidance, I quickly understood that I needed to make big choices. And so it happened, two weeks into the program I made a decision that would change my life.

The good thing about Tom and Nick is that they have an open communication but also a very open outlook on things. Without explicitly proclaiming things but rather letting me discover for myself what I needed. Thanks to them I learned to trust my ‘gut feeling’ again and to be proud of myself when milestones were reached.

Through this coaching I learned to listen less to excuses, stuck patterns and “too much chit chat in the head” and to listen more to my gut feeling. At the end of the trajectory, I now face life with less stress and have run my very first marathon with an ultra on the horizon.”

Matthias, 2022

If you have any questions surrounding our program, shoot us a dm!

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